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Guides PGL
Guides come and camo

Tattenhall Guides have been busy experiencing lots of activities and have also had their very own Pack Holiday.

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The girls have described some of their experiences:

One of the best bits of Guides are the trips. For example: Come & Camp. It was fun because we did zip wire, made bracelets and had lovely food.
We were squashed in a tent with Harriet's smelly dorito feet in my face! We had the best time because we had a midnight feast.

On Come and Camp we did lots of activities like zip wire, campfire, disco. It was amazing! We even had a midnight feast. I loved camping out. My favourite part was bracelet making. We learnt about safety too.

Me and Maisy have been excited for this camping trip for ages and we loved it! The tent was amazing and we shared it with Rebecca. The food was good and the activities were so fun. I am scared of heights but my favourite activity was the giant swing. The giant swing was a horizontal pole that we were harnessed to and the others had to pull the rope to lift the swing higher and higher until it was at the top. We then pulled the release rope and came hurtling towards the ground to swing and swing. Because I am scared of heights I only went halfway up but it was so fun I ended up going the highest way up.

Every night we laughed and laughed because Rebecca told the best stories ever! Because Maisy brought a game I invited ALL the Guides into our tent to have a games night!
I would definitley go again!

On Saturday 17 October we went on a practice day for the Cheshire Hike. We started in Bunbury. At first I was raring to go but I felt the cold breeze blowing on my cheeks. We paired up with Guides from Tarporley and were given 2 hiking Leaders called Brenda and Anita. They were very nice but during our walk we were the slowest group as Anita always stopped us to make sure we were reading the map and paying attention. After about 10 steps through a wet field my feet were soaking wet! By the end of the walk I took my trainers off and water poured out!

When we go into it we walked through a field of crops about shoulder height. It had a straight, flat path. As we walked through you could barely see over the stalks. We continued and walked through a graveyard and I slipped in a hole in the ground but luckily I did not fall over. We walked for hours until we ended up back where we set off for a quick lunch. We were also offered drink and cake. I helped myself as it all looked very nice.

We once again set off and walked for much longer. We walked through a field that smelled really bad and one with an extremely playful horse. Me and my friend were very scared as it walked right behind me. We eventually made it back and were one of the last groups to come back.

We were given an application pack for training for the real Cheshire Hike then we were picked up and went home. Overall I had a great time and can't wait for the real thing!

Q) How did you feel when you set off?
A) I felt hyper and ready to go.

Q) Did you like the Leader that you had?
A) I thought she was nice but she could've spent more time walking and less time talking!!

Q) How did it feel when you saw the end?
A) I felt really happy because my feet were freezing and I felt like I had frostbite.

Q) Do you think you will do the real Cheshire Hike?
A) Yes, definitely.
Interview by Amber