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Pod Graffiti – The Photographic Evidence Speaks for Itself

10th November 2017 @ 1:01pm – by Parish Council
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The photographic evidence speaks for itself – one wonders whether the time has come to remove the Youth Pod if youngsters take no shame in their actions. We welcome your comments.

Members of the Parish Council have been cleaning up the offensive graffiti and debris which have been left on and near the Youth Pod during the last few days.

The Councillors have spent time and energy clearing the entire area – particularly since the Youth Pod is situated immediately opposite our village Primary School and because of its close proximity to the Church, where Remembrance Services will take place this weekend.

Collective thanks to our PC for their voluntary input and to one particular Councillor who supplied the necessary solvent. That said – it dissolved 4 protective gloves!!

For information, there was also evidence of illegal substances in the area, something which was reported upon by our Community Police at the last Parish Council Meeting.

Without doubt, the volume of graffiti which had been placed on the Youth Pod is likely to have meant that an individual/s went home with paint on their hand/s and clothing.

The anti-social behaviour of a few individuals, in whatever format, is unacceptable and impacts negatively on our village.

Our community has worked collectively over a number of years to improve and sustain the vibrancy of the place in which we live.

It is OUR village and a place of which we should be very proud.

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