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October Photographic Competition Winner

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The October entries provided our judges (yes, two judges pronounced on last month's entries) with a degree of difficulty!

They both confirm that this was not an easy task but they are in agreement that it ultimately came down to the wire (this is beginning to sound like the American election)!

And their combined comments were ...... (this member of the Webteam is but the messenger) ....

The image of the cobwebs, whilst suggesting a keen eye on the part of the individual photographer, was ruled out because it was felt that there was too much additional and unnecessary material within the image, giving an unduly dark photograph which occupied at least half of the frame. It was suggested that if this had been tightly cropped and with an altered exposure, then this could have had more impact. However, the photographer was commended for identifying this subject as a worthy submission and it was taken adjacent to the Barbour Institute.

The open fields of harvested grass were judged to be restful, local, but lacked 'punch'. It was considered that with more favourable lighting and perhaps a red anorak-wearing walker (perfectly positioned) then the image might have been improved.

The 'Shaggy Pholiota' fungi taken at Burwardsley was regarded to be dramatic and certainly represented a wonderful palette of autumnal colour but the judges were in agreement that areas of focus might have been improved. However, this image too could have been cropped to good effect since one is drawn to the central space which is occupied by moss and not the dramatic fungi.

The final judgement, therefore, came down to the 'Rainbows' and 'Tattenhall Road'. The former was argued to be 'well caught' whilst the latter was regarded to be 'well seen'.

It was felt that the image of the Rainbows displayed lovely lighting and that capturing the bird in the sky, just where that area of the photograph was potentially empty, was down to luck or perhaps a moment worth waiting for. Capturing the moment and being in the right place at the right time can sometimes result in a photo of this worth.

The unusually quite Tattenhall Road was a terrific idea and demonstrates that you do not have to go far from home to create a very pleasing photograph. However, it was felt that the poppies, and only the poppies, gave the photograph the 'wow' factor. The lighting of the composition was on the drab side which was regarded to be a pity because the carpet of autumn leaves was actually remarkable. However, the curve of the road draws the viewer away from the splendours of autumn which might have looked remarkable had the sun favoured this photographer.

On balance, therefore, our judges have given the October prize to the 'Rainbows' by a whisker!

It was regarded to be a lovely shot and smacks of why we like living in the village!

We look forward to receiving your November entries.

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