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14th January 2023 @ 6:06am – by Webteam
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The garden is waking up, there are snowdrops, cyclamen coum, yellow aconite, winter flowering shrubs like honeysuckle, Wintersweet, and viburnum bodnatense in flower. All of these will be useful food sources for any insect that wakes up, when the sun shines and fools them into thinking spring may have arrived.
But we are nowhere near spring, a long way to go. this is not really the time to set foot on heavy clay soil that is saturated with all the rain that we have had. It is a time for planning, or gently pruning the things you can access without tramping too much on the soil. Look at the garden and think about adding some of those plants that do flower as soon as there is a lift in the temperature during winter. Plan and buy your seeds for this next season. (Join Tattenhall Garden Society and you get up top 50% of seeds).

If you have never grown vegetables, then perhaps this is the year to start-
Tips for starting a veg garden:

  • Try growing things that you will eat and are not so good when bought from the supermarket.
  • Salad leaves are easy to grow as cut and come again, and a small row could keep you going all summer.
  • Board beans ,French beans, and runner beans are better straight from the garden and will span the summer, broad beans early, then French , then runner beans, don't sow too many runners as they can be prolific.
  • Swiss chard, perennial spinach and kale like Red Russian are also good.
  • Courgettes are also great straight from the garden, but grow a few plants or you may be inundated.
  • Radishes are a quick crop,
  • Outdoor cucumbers do very well here- Marketmore, they produce cucumbers that are about 15-20cm and are much more flavoursome than ones you buy.
  • Cherry tomatoes like Gardeners Delight if you have a warm site outdoors.
  • Don't bother with maincrop potatoes, carrots or parsnips as they are just as good bought, and take up a lot of room.

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