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Mzzz B's February Garden blog

4th February 2023 @ 6:06am – by Jen Benefield
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The cold spell in January reminded us that winter is still very much with us and we could still get frosts and very cold weather, but the garden is still showing signs of waking up – and there are more things in flower- see the photos. I struggled to get the green Ribes growing but eventually found the right place – a sheltered warm wall which in summer has a wisteria. The cyclamen coum are also amazing at this time of year, they look so fragile and exotic, but are happy growing under a tree, which means they are in deep shade through the summer where nothing else much grows. The iris also doesn't look good in the summer so it needs as sunny winter spot where so the stars take over later in the season. Finding the right place for the right plant is always the clue to successful gardening.

.Jobs in February

  • February is the month to start tidying up the borders that you have left for the wildlife- cut back the old stems , weed , and mulch- this hopefully reduces annual weeds from germinating
  • Sow sweet peas in a cold frame or cold greenhouse, but beware mice they seem rampant here currently, cover the tops of pots with mesh or a lid of some sort to protect them.
  • Also sow broad beans in pots in doors, cover the plot where they are to be transplanted to in 4-6 weeks after germination as this will help to warm the soil.
  • The lawn will benefit from an edge cut , which will make the garden feel much tidier.
  • Late in February cut back perennial grasses in borders before they spring into growth. They dislike being cut back until this time.
  • Finish pruning roses, and fruit trees. Cut back autumn fruiting raspberries.
  • Large late flowered clematis that flower after June should be cut back to 15-30 cms now. Make sure you do not prune early flowering clematis like montanas or you will cut back the flowering stems. flower. These need light tidying up after flowering.
  • Plan your veg garden – remember to try and rotate veg to decrease the spread of pests and disease. The formula is potatoes, followed by onions and roots, followed by beans and peas then brassicas. Courgettes, cucumbers and pumpkin can be grown wherever you have room as they not so prone to disease.

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