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Glebe Meadow Evening View

15th June 2020 @ 6:06am – by TWIG – Tim Green
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What a wonderful sight in Glebe Meadow – 'Bats!'
Shortly before sundown and suffering from cabin fever I decided to venture out and walked part of the Millennium Mile, passing the Glebe meadow where I came across one of the best displays of Common and Soprano Pipistrelle bats to be seen in the village.

These are the UK's most common bats.

The video shows Pipistrelles foraging on the Glebe Meadow and judging by the number there seems plenty of food for them. Its not surprising to see them in Tattenhall, we provide the perfect environment; woodlands, farmland, our gardens and plenty of buildings to live in. Traditionally we think of bats living in caves, and some species really depend on caves during the winter, however Pipistrelles typically will use trees to live in where they find cavities under the bark, however they also love our roof spaces and out buildings. They are very adept at getting into crevices that you would normally overlook as a potential bat roost.

As you can hear from the video their calls are continuous whilst they are hunting. I have used a detector that translates their call to a pitch that we can hear, however something that's not obvious to us we humans is ... they are loud, very loud. According to the 'New Scientist' they can reach a deafening 140 dB, louder than a pop concert think Lead Zeppelin (for those of a certain age), but the frequency is so high it does not travel far.

As I have said these bats are foraging for food and that's important for us since they help control the population of mosquitoes and midges, something we all should be grateful for!!

Another little known fact is that their wing structure is structurally equivalent to our human hands.

So keep an eye out for the bats. They are entertaining, especially if you have them in your garden but now you know that a trip to Glebe meadow, near the Spinney, you are almost guaranteed to see bats around dusk during the warmer months. Another good spot is the footpath leading from the Millpond to the Flacca.

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