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Exploring Local Footpaths

29th March 2022 @ 6:06am – by TWiG
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UK wildlife is bursting into life, so pull on appropriate clothing and some sturdy walking boots and enjoy the great outdoors!

Your Parish is criss-crossed by a large number of 'public rights of way', commonly known as 'footpaths'.

Public rights of way are managed and maintained by CWaC and are shown on an interactive map published by the Local Authority (see link below). They are all numbered (FP1, FP2, FP8, FP12, FP14 etc) and are clearly marked on Ordnance Survey maps or Apps. Whilst they do not always connect up, circular routes can be planned and, with care along short stretches of road, rewarding walks can be devised.

Please take note that when you are crossing farmland you should be particularly careful at this time of year; the lambing season has started.

The Countryside Code should be followed, but please:

*consider the local community and other people enjoying the great outdoors
*leave gates and property as you find them and follow paths unless wider access is available
*leave no trace of your visit and take litter home
*keep dogs on short leads, under control and remember to take dog faeces home with you or find a nearby bin
*plan ahead and be prepared
*follow advice and local signs

CLICK HERE for CWaC interactive map and then follow the guidelines below:

*Zoom into Tattenhall (or any other locality in CWaC) – use the + sign to the right to zoom in
*Select 'Add Data' from the Toolbar
*Open the folder 'Leisure and Culture'
*Select 'Footpaths'
*Scroll down and 'Add this Selected Layer'
*All Local Footpaths are then shown in bright pink and labelled eg FP1, FP2 etc.

Happy Walking!

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