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Windows 7 End of Life

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Windows 7 Support Ends January 14, 2020

Windows 7 is due to reach End Of Life (EOL) on 14 January 2020, but a large number of the world's computers are still running the nine-year-old system.

This End of Life means no more bug-fixes, security patches or new functionality, making any user — personal or enterprise — significantly more susceptible to malware attacks. Microsoft will continue to offer support for those Windows 7 users still reluctant to upgrade to its Windows 10 OS, but it will be expensive.

How do you know whether this affects you? Watch the screen as your computer starts. If it displays Windows 7 then this affects you.

What will happen? Your computer will continue to work but will be vulnerable to security risks and viruses as time goes by. This will be particularly risky if you use your computer for online banking and/or purchasing.

What should you do? Computers running Windows 7 are usually at least seven years old. An upgrade to a later version of Windows is probably not cost effective. A new computer might be a better option.

For specific advice consult one of the advertisers in My Village News who offer computer support or search for help on the internet.

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