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'Concern of the Week' – 'Poor Parking'

15th August 2016 @ 6:06am – by Webteam
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The launch of our 'Concern of the Week' feature has captured your imagination with lots of very positive feedback.

Your responses have been 'fast' and 'furious' and the use of Tattenhall Online as a forum in which to air issues of concern within our community, has been welcomed.

This week's 'Concern of the Week' relates to 'Poor Parking'

'Poor Parking' is, and has been, an on-going issue within the village and there are several 'hot spots' which many of you have identified, the most notorious of which appear to be:

* adjacent to the school (on Chester and Tattenhall Roads)
* on the actual junction of Chester and Tattenhall Roads
* on the High Street in general
* on Burwardsley Road (up to the junction with Field Lane)

In fact, many of you raise the issue that parking has become so ridiculous that Tattenhall can hardly be claimed to be of 'village status' any longer!

During the school holidays, it is easy to overlook (or momentarily forget) the perils of parking on Chester and Tattenhall Roads at peak moments during the school day.

Lots of you cite the ignorance of a range of individuals:

* who have scant regard for the street furniture and the road signage in and around the school
* who continue to park on the yellow zig-zag lines and ignore other parking restrictions
* who park on the actual junction of Chester and Tattenhall Roads
* who drive very short distances to 'drop off/pick up' their children; regularly parking in restricted areas
* who have very poor parking skills
* who choose to repeatedly ignore the requests regarding parking which are placed in school newsletters

This begs the question as to whether individuals within our village are ignorant or simply have a very poor understanding of signage and the Highway Code.

Parking on yellow zig-zag lines, for example, is prohibited BUT it is actually illegal to wait and/or even stop momentarily to drop off or pick up passengers on the yellow zig-zag lines (UK Highway Code). Those of you who are guilty in this respect should consider that you are actually placing children at risk. Local government chooses to place yellow zig-zag lines outside of school gates to minimise risk – these are areas where there are lots of children running around, where there is buggy congestion and where little ones often have scooters and/or bikes. Why, therefore, would you wish to park in a prohibited area? Some of you have actually suggested that we should have a Traffic Warden on duty in the short term to tackle this anti-social behaviour and who is empowered to issue parking tickets! There is nothing more sobering than receiving a parking ticket!

Moreover, how many individuals choose to ignore Highway Code Rule No. 243 regarding parking near junctions? The Highway Code states DO NOT stop or park opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space. Those of you who choose to physically park on the junction of Chester and Tattenhall Roads, therefore, are breaking the Highway Code!

Equally bewildering is where individuals choose to completely ignore the designated area outside of Pluto House and Spar where the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair users and powered mobility vehicles and where there is road signage too. Why would you choose to completely ignore the needs of a minority within our community and park in that designated space?

We hope that this reflects the comments that many of you have forwarded to us.

Importantly, we hope that it will remind everyone that we are a community with differing needs.

Park safely and legally, adhere to the signage, make the positive choice to park in designated areas or car parks within the village or, now here's a thought, leave the car at home!

Many of you have stated that poor parking is an accident waiting to happen – think twice!

(we emphasise that Tattenhall Online is apolitial and that this article features the concerns of many individuals within the village).

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