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The Parish Council has been asked to consider as part of the Village Plan to :

  • support the principles behind the idea of a Transition Tattenhall
  • support the establishment of an 'Initialising Group'
  • become actively involved as leaders of the process.

What is it?
In this context 'Transition' refers to the impact of three key game changers we face across the globe:

  • Peak Oil
  • Climate change
  • Global economic crisis

that requires:

  • The move from an oil based society to a more sustainable approach incorporating the wider issues of the climate crisis.
  • Developing local economies for more equality and prosperity
  • Building community resilience and supporting relational life to manage change

Making change happens with individuals and small communities. We should not need to wait for politicians and governments to get to grips with establishing a more hopeful, kinder and safer world.

The concept was started by Rob Hopkins 2004 in Ireland and then in 2006 he developed the first Transition Town in Totnes in Devon. This led to a network of projects that has developed into over 1500 transition initiatives across the world. CLICK HERE for link to website.

Here in Tattenhall we have a strong and robust community, but in order that we have the greatest resilience for the coming decades, we may need to take a more active approach.

How do we start?

Transition Tattenhall 2

A Tattenhall Transition Village Initiative (TTVI) can offer the vehicle to plan how, as a village community, we can be more confident that the quality of life and environment will be a better and more sustainable environment for children, grandchildren and future generations.
The diagram shows some of the current and future activities to support a Transition Village. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE

The aim is to creating a more Facilitating and Enabling place where both Cooperation and Innovation are valued, supported and encouraged.

Interested to hear more? Send a message to in advance of the Parish Council Meeting on September 7th.

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