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Having participated in the July Zoom Meeting of the Parish Council earlier this week, it became acutely obvious of the difficulties being experienced by businesses on Tattenhall High Street.

We have received several emails and comments on Facebook this morning and have adjusted this article to reflect your comments — many thanks to those of you who have written in.

Listening to our Parish Councillors deliberating on the fate of our High Street was a sanguine reminder to us all that if we fail to use and support our local businesses, then we are in danger of losing them. Tattenhall is a key service centre and the diversity on our High Street has been enviable. With changing patterns of shopping already emerging following the easing of lock-down, however, and with individuals returning to shopping from the larger supermarkets, not one of us should be complacent; there is always the likelihood that if we fail to use our local shops and businesses, then we might just lose them.

It was reported at the Parish Council Meeting, for example, that Thom Morton (Director of SPAR Tattenhall) has chosen to use a grant that he has received during the Covid 19 pandemic in support of the Post Office — this is Thom's singular choice. This ensures the short term security of the Post Office BUT it is only a short term 'fix'. Many of us will remember the removal of our beloved Post Officer Counter Service from Pluto House across the road to SPAR to a single service counter facility, and then the battle to have the full service reinstated back in Pluto House. This was a truly remarkable outcome, with the entire village and local MP pulling together. Without our continued support for a separate Post Office within Pluto House, then not one of us should presume its long term survival. We are also mindful of the extraordinary service that both SPAR and Thom Morton's team have provided during the lockdown — they have without doubt gone the extra mile and are to be congratulated on the extraordinary local service that they have collectively provided.

On driving past 'Alison's Kitchen', signage is also hanging outside her business, reminding us to support our local businesses. Alison too has diversified throughout the lockdown and both she and Ron have provided yet another delivery service which has been vital during the pandemic.

Our new and 'award winning' butcher is another example of a local business requiring support. The sheer costs involved in a 'start up' and then in the context of 'Covid 19', requires us to support any new venture on our High Street.

Local businesses are the backbone of our local economy. The High Street benefits from a diverse range of professional services as well, all of whom rely heavily on local trade; solicitors, financial advisors, marketing, plumbing, letting agents, physiotherapists, commercial insurance brokers ... the list goes on. These businesses might well regard the village to be an exciting service centre in which to base their companies and services, but they too need our support.

Whilst Tattenhall does not benefit from 'through traffic' like some other local settlements, perhaps we need to pause and reflect on just how valuable our local shops and businesses have been during the last few months and continue in our support of them.