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Successful Big Green Week

19th November 2022 @ 6:06am – by Yvonne Keeping
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Tattenhall's Great Big Green Week success story

You may remember Great Big Green Week in September and you may be interested to know how the village did. Various groups and businesses took part and this is a short report about the successes.

Sandy Bears were very involved and this is what they did:

They explored "food waste in our big green week. We spoke about how some people need our support and we asked for donations for the local food bank from parents of the nursery, the children loved going for our autumn walk to drop it off at the church, on the way, we talked about importance of walking to nursery or the shops and the children told me who drives and who walks. Some children ride their scooters too ! We also spoke about what we do with our food waste and how we can recycle products such as plastic and cardboard, we looked further into our composting and saw the bugs which help the decomposing process. We also went on a nature hunt! we collected conkers, pine cones, sticks and bark around sandy bears garden! We talked about the textures and where we can find these items out around Tattenhall! Our older children looked at a story all about different ways to save energy and water including drawing on both sides of the paper and turning the tap off while we brushed our teeth! The children also looked at recycling, organising it and talking about how this helps our planet! "

What an amazingly busy week they had.

There was a Green Dog walk through some of our green spaces and all the volunteer litter pickers made sure their areas were litter picked during the week.

Alison created some amazing Bee cakes and donated 50p a cake to the Mini Meadow project in order for more seeds to be bought for next year.
The Ice Cream Farm has also made a generous donation to the Mini Meadow project so the new mini meadows Transition are planning for next year will get off to a head start.

The children attending Tattenhall Park school had a talk from Helen Tandy about the dangers of plastic to the environment. The children followed this up by creating a plastic monster who was placed on the fence in their playground. This will serve as a reminder not to drop litter and to put it in a bin. Parents at the school are now litter picking the park but the litter has been so much better since the talk and hopefully this will continue.

The Great Big Green Week was an inspiration and hopefully our village can do even better next year.


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