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Sightings of a Polecat – Keep Your Eyes Open

6th August 2016 @ 6:06am – by TWiG
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During the last few days, TWiG (Tattenhall Wildlife Group) has twice been contacted (now '3' thanks to this article) by local residents who have seen a mysterious animal, larger than a stoat or weasel.

Good descriptions of the sightings were provided and they suggest to us that the animals in question are 'Polecats' (Mustela putorius).

Polecats, which most recently have been viewed with negativity, were nearly hunted to extinction.

Today, however, their numbers have increased significantly and they have spread out from their historical stronghold in mid-Wales and have re-colonised much of southern and central England. There are also Polecats in north-west England.

Of course, the domesticated version of the Polecat is the ferret, which historically was used for hunting rabbits.

Provided that no new serious threats emerge to halt the current recovery, it seems likely that the Polecat will become widely re-established in mainland Britain.

If you see a 'Polecat' then please log the details and contact TWiG via their Website -click here.

(copyright Dave Kilbey Photography).

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