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COP26 Challenge – How have you done?

10th November 2021 @ 6:06am – by Transition Tattenhall
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These are the tips that have been published over the last 10 days, some are very simple others take more thought. They are all things within your capacity and you can start doing now. The much bigger things like moving to electric cars, and moving your energy company to a green energy producer, having a local repair shop, etc. can be added to this list at a later date You may have other ideas to cut your carbon footprint.

  • Tips to combat climate change:
  • Shop locally and buy as much locally produced, seasonal food as possible
  • Turn off lights in empty rooms, when you leave them, and turn off all appliances that have standby lights like TVs and computers.
  • Reduce travel-if possible walk or cycle, don't take the car into the village to shop. Can you car share to go to work?
  • Turn heating down by 1 or 2 degrees.
  • Use non chemical cleaning fluids that are plant based-
  • Reduce single use plastic-
  • Recycle – ensure no food waste goes into the black bins,
  • Recycle clothes or appliances, get things mended if possible, or buy second hand.
  • Reduce your consumption of red meat- lamb and beef and eat more chicken, fish or vegetarian meals? Or buy locally reared lamb and beef.
  • .If you have a garden – plan and buy seeds for next year, and start making compost . Try to grow flowers that are insect friendly-
  • Tell your MP what you are doing, and that you want him to do more for the Climate Crisis for you and your children
  • Join us in Transition Tattenhall projects - see website:

Having done all of this maybe you should complete the carbon footprint calculator again to see if it has made a difference.

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