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One Day's Litter & Dog Faeces

11th March 2022 @ 6:06am – by Resident
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Quite what does it take to shame certain individuals into taking both their litter and their dog faeces home with them, or safely disposing of it in the many bins which are located throughout the village?

Quite what part of the Countryside Code do certain individuals not understand?

Quite who would leave dog faeces on the Flacca Playing Fields and in the full knowledge that young children (and adults) use the facilities. Signage clearly states '...no dogs allowed on playing areas...'?

And so it came to pass – this resident went out twice on Monday 7 March .... the photographic evidence speaks for itself.

*1 Full Bag of Litter from the Millennium Mile
*1 Full Bag of Litter from Jubilee Wood
*Litter strewn on Burwardsley Road
*Litter strewn around the Pod, opposite the school
*Dog Faeces over the Flacca Playing Fields
*Dog Faeces on the grassed area on Field Lane

Regrettably, over reliance on a few key volunteers to remove litter isn't targeting those that actually drop the litter or think that it is acceptable to leave their dog faeces in public places.

At best, this is unsustainable (click on images to enlarge)

The fact is that dog faeces is not only just unpleasant, it contains (as you would expect) bacteria which can cause stomach upsets, especially in young children. If dogs aren't wormed regularly their faeces contain worms which can cause more serious infections in young children; toxocariasis is a rare illness but 120 people suffer from this a year in the UK, and in serious cases can lead to blindness in children. The bacteria and worms do not disappear with rain; they are washed into the soil and on a football field, where players often end up on the ground, those players could still be at risk months after the faeces have disappeared.

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