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Frederick Edward Brereton was one of fifteen children born to John and Elizabeth Brereton. Frederick's parents were both born in Harthill (a stone's throw from Tattenhall) and his father, John, was a local Farmer and Bootmaker. Frederick Edward Brereton, like many of his siblings, was born in Tattenhall Lanes.

Drivers in the Royal Field Artillery were usually in charge of a team of up to six horses which pulled field artillery to areas of fighting. It is likely that they were also capable of performing the duties of a Gunner when required or when a replacement was needed.

Driver Frederick Edward Brereton died in Aldershot on 19 January 1915, over a century ago.

Soldiers rarely returned to their home town or village to convalesce; the psychological effect on other soldiers would have impacted negatively on discipline and future recruitment, particularly before the introduction of conscription in January 1916. Presumably Frederick Edward Brereton returned to England injured and was being treated in Aldershot where he subsequently died.

Driver Frederick Edward Brereton is honoured on the Tattenhall War Memorial and his name also appears on the family headstone in the Churchyard of 'All Saints' Church at Harthill.

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