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'Love Your Streets' Campaign

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CWaC is promoting a 'Love Your Streets Campaign' and issuing guidance on how we can all play our part to improve the quality of the streets on which we live.

It stresses the need for communities to work together so that our neighbourhoods are cleaner, safer and greener.

'Love Your Streets, Hate Litter' is just one aspect of the Campaign.

Our photograph is of 2 bin bags of rubbish that were collected on the morning of Monday 25 February along the Millennium Mile Walk — that's 2 bags in one small area of the village! That litter comprised discarded drinks cans, sweet wrappers, paper, an entire empty wine bottle, cigarette butts, paper coffee cups, biscuit wrappers, fast-food containers, crisp wrappers, an old sock(!) — the list goes on.

The vast majority of us are responsible and respect our environment but, regrettably, not all of us.

It might sound obvious but:

  • Use Bins — that half a cup of cold coffee left under a bench, that discarded sweet wrapper or plastic drinks bottle and any rubbish left right next to a bin, for example, all need to be placed within a bin.
  • Bin your Butt- many smokers flick cigarette butts on the ground — this is a huge problem.
  • Take your Litter for a Drive — some people simply discard their litter on the move and through their open car window — our verges are strewn with ever more litter and wrappers — take litter home and dispose of it sensibly.

Communities working together requires us to:

  • respect our environment and neighbourhood
  • appreciate just how much money is spent clearing litter and dealing with fly-tipping
  • use bins
  • take litter home and dispose of it responsibly
  • use bio-degradable bags and pick up after our dogs

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