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Following the resounding success of the GONG BATH/SOUND RELAXATION sessions which we held at The Studio previously, we have further sessions on offer:

* 27 August
* 17 September
* 15 October
* 26 November
* 17 December

These sessions are all on Saturdays and will run from 12.30-1.30pm or 1.45-2.45pm. All classes are run by Jane Blackburn.

Gongs vibrate at the same frequency as the body allowing the body to heal itself. The sounds and vibrations of the gong create deep relaxation and a state of meditation by altering brain waves from a Beta (waking state) to Theta and Delta (deep meditation state).

Science teaches us that during these brain frequencies we access our deeper subconscious and super conscious and they are key states for healing.

No water is involved in a Gong Bath Meditation.

During a session you sit or, preferably, recline in comfort and allow the sounds to 'wash' over you.

Please bring water, a blanket and an open mind.

As previously, priority is given in first session to those attending the 11.15am Nia class as these two sessions really complement each other.

Cost: £10 — ring Jill to book your place on 01829 771895.

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