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Tattenhall Singers, whether en masses or as soloists, covered the gamut of emotions at their concert on Tuesday evening. The audience at the Barbour Institute savoured a veritable smorgasbord of songs before the post show nibbles.

First off was an Israeli folk tune, in quasi Hebrew, then a beautiful song about Mother Poland, in Polish Latin. Drunken revels in France were heard about in English (um, I wonder if they are being repeated this week) and as the evening proceeded we moved to the 70s and 80s (We built this city), the nineties (Breakfast at Tiffany's, the non Audrey Hepburn homage to the film) and the noughties (Paul's solo spot).

Tenors like to sing in public as well as in their bathrooms. Steve, John and Paul, with and without guitars, treated us to Magic, the sad life of a fishing gnome, and Elbow items. Soprano Barbara then gave us a Victoria Wood song (Saturday night adventures...don't ask!) that had even more laughs than John's gnome but turned staid when she returned as part of a quartet who sang about Pendle, a Lancashire legend, which also involved audience participation.

With my critic's hat on, I know that the singers did not get every note in tune or at the right time, but they were close enough most of the time. More importantly they had the right attitude and all of us had a fun evening.

There is now a summer break but the singers will reconvene in September, under the guidance of conductor Georgina. New members are welcome. Everyone is welcome — no auditions are held, you do not have to read music and all that matters is that you want to have a go. Joking is encouraged.

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