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Covid -19 Crisis in Cheshire West

9th January 2021 @ 6:06am – by Webteam
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How Bad is the Covid Situation in Cheshire West

It's very bad indeed. The good news about the start of coronavirus vaccinations in our area comes at a time when the Countess of Chester hospital is reporting alarming levels of admissions. The situation is dire but we have two fightback weapons – Vaccinations and Lockdown. We need BOTH.

The Chester Standard reported the following this week:

"Dr Susan Gilby, Chief Executive of The Countess of Chester Hospital told Cheshire West councillors yesterday evening (Wednesday, January 6) that her staff were presently treating 231 coronavirus patients.

Of those, 21 are in need of a mechanical ventilator.

Dr Gilby told CWAC's Covid-19 outbreak board: "The Countess is in a really challenged position. We have had a lot of Covid in-patients since November, and we went into Christmas with 30 per cent of general and acute beds filled with patients who needed treatment for Covid.

"By this January, it was 40 per cent. Today, it is 50 per cent. They continued to come in today.

"We have opened our fifth Covid ward, and when I say 50 per cent, that means 231 positive coronavirus patients -- the highest number in the north west of any hospital."

Full Chester Standard article – Click Here

Vaccination is the vital light at the end of the tunnel. HOWEVER THE NHS NEEDS OUR HELP NOW. We cannot rely on vaccines solving the immediate problem. We can use the national lockdown to turn the tide. It is in our own hands.

Headline Message – Minimise Social Contact

  • Stay at home
  • Do not enter another household's home
  • Keep at least two metres distance between you and members of other households
  • Leave home for essential shopping, essential work or exercise only
  • Wear face covering in shops
  • Wear face covering if for any reason two metres distancing is not possible
  • Offer help to vulnerable neighbours by phone, internet or standing outside at a safe distance

Limiting social contact is particularly hard on the younger generation but their sacrifice and example now can lead the way for a better future for them too.

Older people are doing their bit by getting vaccinated. Vaccination means no infection or at worst a mild illness with no need to go into hospital.

All the above is common sense but only works if everybody – young, middle-aged and old – follow the rules thus giving us time to vaccinate enough people to bring the virus under control.

Full Covid Guidance Gov.uk- Click Here

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