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Peckforton Hills Cheshire Spring Water

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Peckforton Hills Water
Sandstone Ridge aquifer

One of the many local businesses based in Tattenhall is Peckforton Hills Cheshire Spring Water the inspiration of its proprietor, Jonny Kershaw.

One day Jonny was sitting in a Cheshire pub, contemplating the fact that the water which had just been placed in front of him had come all the way from Scotland. He knew that Calypso Drinks in Tattenhall had, for many years, used Cheshire spring water and he set about learning more.

Not many people are aware that the Cheshire basin sandstones of the Permo-Triassic age form the second most important aquifer in the UK, accounting for around a quarter of all groundwater abstractions in England and Wales. Deep below the Sandstone Ridge, spring water is being created through the natural filtration of the sandstone.

Tattenhall is home to a spring which has provided this pure, clear and refreshing water for over 80 years. The original borehole was sunk in 1938 and over the years has provided millions of litres of fresh water. A new borehole was created in 1993 to meet the highest modern standards of production, so today Peckforton Hills customers can drink this delicious water with confidence.

Peckforton Hills spring water is targeted to be sold in Cheshire and nearby counties. The less distance involved in transporting bottles means fewer food miles and lower CO2 emissions, leading to less greenhouse gas and reduced global warming. Drinking bottled water brought from Scotland is akin to 'carrying coals to Newcastle'!

Around 70% of Peckforton Hills Water is sold in glass bottles (330 and 750ml) and 30% in plastic (500ml); and of course from a weight perspective plastic bottles, if recycled, are greener because of the lower weight and thus lower transportation costs.

So next time you go shopping for bottled water or visit a restaurant , think local, think Cheshire and ask for Peckforton Hills Water.

For more information about Peckforton Hills Spring Water, visit their website by CLICKING HERE.

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