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Yet More Litter is left for Others to Clear!

16th April 2021 @ 6:06am – by TWiG
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Had any of our readers been at the April ZOOM Meeting of the Parish Council, then they would have heard a member of the public, (who litter picks three times a week) request that the Parish Council consider the feasibility and costs of appointing an 'Amenity Cleaner' to support the work of volunteers who regularly clear litter from the roads, verges and paths throughout our village.

Amenity Cleaners are appointed and support several other Parish Councils; our nearest neighbour being Waverton.

On occasions, Amenity Cleaners are employed for as little as 5 hours a week (set against the precept) and are responsible for a designated route(s) so as not to preclude volunteers from continuing to litter pick should they so wish and/or to prevent overlap.

Reliance on the goodwill of volunteers alone is not sustainable, evidenced by this week's litter and general debris which has simply been left, presuming that others will clear it.

We include a series of photographs which illustrate the scale of the problem in Jubilee Wood just this week.

These actions demonstrates a complete disregard for the countryside and for our community.

  • In speaking with the SCS group contractors who are currently working in Barbour Square, some individuals have helped themselves to a variety of items from the contractors' area which include a barrier fence and batons and which can be seen in the photographs.
  • Those materials together with at least 5 pallet boards have been moved across meadows and into the heart of Jubilee Wood (managed by TWiG). A structure has then been erected. That structure has now been abandoned together with additional litter, fence posts, a duvet, a blanket, a tyre, beads, magazines, metal rods and plastic etc. in anticipation that others will clear it up.
  • Branches from established trees in the area have been removed.
  • There is evidence that a fire has also been lit.
  • The new Countryside Code is recently publishedCLICK HERE.
  • Organised community litter picks that have previously taken place in the village have had only a very short term positive outcome and appear to shame no-one.
  • Predictive littering behaviour (ie where a place that is clean, remains free of litter) does not appear to be proving successful.
  • Our remarkable volunteers should not be expected to simply clear the litter and clutter of others on a weekly basis and on this occasion several large pallet boards etc require not only removal but disposal too.
  • Regrettably, posters/signage/community litter picks/shaming strategies and social media platforms have had little positive long term effects in the village.
  • At least 13 stories regarding litter have appeared on Tattenhall Online in recent months. (click on images to enlarge)

Whilst a 'community clear up' might seem plausible, health and safety issues come to mind and Covid regulations continue to exist.

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