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13th September 2021 @ 5:05pm – by Cadent
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Thank you to everyone in Tattenhall who has been so swift to assist during this major 'Gas Incident'. Here is the latest news from Cadent ...

We're making very good progress today in Tattenhall, as we continue our operation to get gas safely back on to the village.

We first need to switch off supply at every property. This is a safety-critical step. We have to be sure everything is 'off', which takes time.

We have more than 40 engineers going house-to-house now and by mid-afternoon today we had reached nearly half of the properties in the village.

Thank you so much for your co-operation and understanding.

We will continue into this evening, stopping only when we think it's dark and you'd probably not welcome a knock at the door at such a late hour.

We do need access to your gas meter to switch off the supply. If your meter is outside (for example, in a box on the wall), we don't need you to be in. If it's inside your property, we will need to get access inside.

We appreciate this is a big ask, but if you could remain in that would help hugely. If you need to go out, could you arrange for a neighbour, friend or family to let us in? The quicker we can turn off all supplies, the quicker we can confirm all is okay and then restore the village's supply safely.

This is not an easy task, nor a quick one, but if we can continue to receive the superb support and co-operation you've given us up to now, we are hopeful of completing this phase of the task today.

Please don't attempt to isolate your own supply; it's not safe and our engineers must do this.

After turning off all supplies, our teams will then confirm our 'governor' (the equipment which regulates gas pressures) is working safely, and then restart the process to visit every home again – to switch your supply back on and make sure your boiler and appliances are working properly.

If all goes to plan, we can then fix the governor, with a view to revisiting every property again from Wednesday, to restore your supply and check your boiler and appliances are working safely.

Contacting us: We have a customer team at an information point at Barbour Institute, High Street, Tattenhall, CH3 9PX. Let us know if you need support or have any questions – we will do our best to help if we can. We're in contact with customers on the Priority Services Register and will also be distributing a letter with more information to the village later today.

Kevin Hegarty

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