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Tattenhall Free Pantry – Update

20th May 2024 @ 6:06am – by Transition Tattenhall
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tattenhall free pantry

Tattenhall Free Pantry Update

The Free Pantry has been operating for 6 weeks and is being used on a daily basis. We are finalising longer term management arrangements of the Pantry and now need to organise donations and supplies to stock the fridge, freezer and dry store. We have already had both cash and direct gifts of foodstuffs.

Food Supplies – Tom Morton and staff at the Spar are supplying regular surplus and end of sale date items to stock the Pantry each week. Additionally we now have an account that we are using to supplement his supply with necessary staples to ensure there is a range of fresh and frozen foods.

Donations – Bought Items
Under Food Safety requirements to ensure that the safe and hygienic care of the Pantry meets the necessary standards. Whilst direct donation of items is welcome we have to have a method of receiving them rather than putting items directly into the pantry.

From 1st May we will provide a sealed foodstuff storage box at the side for goods not requiring the fridge of freezer immediately where donations can be left. This will be emptied checked and placed in the Pantry at the end of each day. As we are specifically a limited local Free Pantry and not a Food Bank we are trying to focus on specific items that are of most immediate use to those needing the Pantry. We also have limited space so we are hoping to focus bought items on specifics. The list below is not exclusive but is a guide to the most useful items but we will regularly review this list as we gain more experience on the usage and users requirements.

Donations – Cash
We currently finance our supplementing through cash donations having received £300+ in these first weeks. At present we need maybe £60 per week to cover the cost of bought products.

If you wish to make a regular or one-off cash donation to the Pantry fund then please contact Free Pantry at transition.tattenhall@gmail.com or ring Nick on 07899994875

Fresh Grown fruit and vegetables – It is currently early in the season but we hope that before long gardens and allotments will be producing enough fresh fruits and vegetables to have surpluses. As we get to that time we will be keen to provide enough facilities at the pantry to receive home grown donations.

Plans – We are planning to add an additional cupboard for toiletries and cleaning materials but will hope to do this when we are clear about the level of need.

One of the more difficult periods to manage household finances is during school holidays. We are therefore looking to design and supply children/family lunch boxes during the summer holidays. All work to be done.

Volunteers and feedback – If you have any views, ideas or suggestions; or if you have time and interest in helping maintain the Pantry, we will always need volunteers to make the pantry sustainable so call if you are interested. Every bit of help is good!

Again just let us know.


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