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8th May 2022 @ 6:06am – by Transition Tattenhall
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The Repair Cafe

The Repair Cafe is planned to be held monthly. Repairs will be done by volunteers. Repairs are expected to be simple and would be done on equipment of generally low value where commercial repair would be uneconomic. There would be no fee, though donations will be welcome. Refreshments will be offered while repairs are happening.

The benefits of the project are – reduction in landfill, reduction in consumption, increased community resilience and encouraging local links. Electrical repairs will be PAT tested before completion, there will be public liability insurance and disclaimer. But experience of other repair cafes is that liability is not generallly a problem.

Funding is needed for room hire, consumables, insurance and PAT equipment and training. It is an option to save costs to not do electricals, but not preferred.

We will depend on the expertise and goodwill of Tattenhall people willing to volunteer for 3 hours a month. Preliminary survey indicates there will be sufficient volunteers

What we'll deliver:

A monthly repair cafe demonstrating practical reuse and reduction in consumption

Increased community resilience

Reduced landfill

Why it's a great idea:

The project will particularly benefit those in Tattenhall who may find it unaffordable to replace broken appliances and equipment. Although there are rich people in Tattenhall, many are struggling, and many are in-between.

In the wider village a beacon of reuse and sustainability will provide encouragement to others who may be wanting to do practical action

Thank you to all of those who have supported the project so far. You can see on the project page how much support there is already, including £500 from Tattenhall Parish Council. The more support we get the more chance we stand to achieve the goal of funding from CWAC. Their review of the project will be May 11th so there is no time to lose

If you want to support the project -

You can pledge a small sum of money to support the project -from a £2 upwards! Go to the web page for the project (link below), press the button to back it, you'll be asked for name, email and a password. You can back anonymously or let everyone know that you are backing us. If we are not successful in getting enough funding in the end then you will get your money back.

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