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Repair Cafe for Tattenhall

17th April 2022 @ 6:06am – by Transition Tattenhall
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You might have heard about Transition Tattenhall's aim to open a Repair Cafe in Tattenhall.
A Repair Cafe is a pop-up (this will be in the Barbour Institute) where volunteers fix your household equipment which might otherwise get thrown away. Repair Cafes are not unusual, they are popping up all over the country and we think it's time Tattenhall had one.

This is for simple repairs on generally low value equipment where a professional repair is not needed, or cost effective – think broken chair leg, ripped cushion, broken kettle lid etc.

Repairs will be free but there will be a cost in doing this. It will cost nearly £2000 over a year for 12 events, but with set-up costs like insurance the first event will cost more than the rest.

Transition Tattenhall have applied for funding from Cheshire West & Chester Council. They have applied via Spacehive, the crowd funding scheme CWAC uses to part-fund well-supported community projects.

So, to be successful we have to demonstrate that this project has support – and this is where you can help us. You can 'Like' our project on Spacehive and this will provide the support we need to move to the next step where you can pledge financial support from as little as £2, we will let you know when you can do this.

The first milestone is 9th May when CWAC will select projects to move on to the next round based on how good they are and how well-supported the project is – they need as many supporters as they can find.

So please support them and 'Like' the Spacehive project page here

Tattenhall Repair Cafe

They are preparing for the fundraising stage and will let you know as soon as the project is open for pledges.

Transition Tattenhall are pleased to say that Tattenhall Parish Council is supporting our Repair Cafe with a grant of £500. This is much appreciated and a welcome show of confidence.

Can you do simple repairs to household items?

Once they launch the Repair Cafe they are going to need volunteers to help them give the items a new lease of life, and keep them out of landfill.

So, if you are handy at fixing things and are prepared to give one Sunday morning a month they would love to hear from you – email: transition.tattenhall@gmail.com

They want as many people as possible to help shape the future of our brilliant village.


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