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Jigsaw Update During Lockdown

24th January 2021 @ 6:06am – by Esther Sadler-Williams
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You may recall that in the previous lockdowns, a 'Jigsaw Swap Shop' was introduced in the community.

So successful was this initiative, that readers have constantly asked if this might be re-introduced.

The revival of Jigsaw Puzzles proved to be a 'go to' pastime previously, particularly for those members of our community who are socially isolated.

Well – we are re-introducing the service but with a few tweaks ....

  • The scheme is run by Parish Councillor, Esther Sadler-Williams
  • Esther now has over 60 Jigsaws in the Catalogue
  • With such an impressive number (quite where does Esther store these you ask), there is absolutely no need to 'swap' a Jigsaw for one that you would wish to complete from the Catalogue.
  • In fact, we can safely presume, that Esther is happy to give them away!

So, if you would like a new Puzzle to complete, then Esther's contact details are: esther.sadlerwilliams@gmail.com or 07908 843073

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