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Parish Council Response to Waste Survey

8th March 2021 @ 6:06am – by Parish Council
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Tattenhall & District Parish Council note the Council's objectives for waste management:

1. Reduce overall waste.
2. Maximise recycling.
3. Deliver an efficient and cost-effective waste collection, recycling and processing service.

The Parish Council:

  • agree with the priorities to reduce the amount of waste and increase recycling through a cost-effective collection service.
  • agree that there should be an information campaign to advise how to reduce waste especially non-recyclable plastic and to increase collection of what can be recycled.
  • agree with the ideas to maximise money from recycling, minimise cost of any change in collection, examine the collection methods and minimise landfill.
  • agree with ideas to look at charges for building waste, business waste, green household waste in the context that the top priority objectives are 'reduce overall waste' and 'maximise recycling'.

Strategy for kerbside collection:

  • Both option A & B increase the number of wheeled bins to 4 from 2 which will double the problem of storage space and unsightliness without addressing the first two objectives.
  • There is likely to be no problem with changing recycling from 1 to 2 or 3 weeks given the larger containers.
  • Moving to 240L black bins collected every 3 weeks reduces the capacity by 11%. Many black bins are already overflowing so this is bound to create excess waste and increase the risk of flytipping.
  • The Parish Council prefer Option A because it does not reduce the capacity for general waste.
  • The Council should consider single 240L wheeled bin for all recyclable waste which would reduce the number of bins and make recycling easier for the householder. Frequency of collection should be no more than 2 weekly until capacity is shown to be big enough to allow less without increasing the risk of fly-tipping.
  • The Parish Council suggest that green bins should be optional. If any charge is imposed, it should reflect the net cost of providing the service. This would address the problem of storage of the bins and unsightliness.
  • The Council asks that whatever vehicles are used to collect waste that they are designed to be kept closed when in transit to prevent litter blowing out as currently happens.
  • The Parish Council strongly advise that the Council retain the recycling centre at Tattenhall or consider replacement within the Parish with a similar facility with easier access which would support the first 2 objectives.

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