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The NHS Army - Our Heroes

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Our Heroes

Our Heroes by Matt Kelly

Some of you may have heard this poem being read on radio or TV recently.

It was written by Matt Kelly, a Wigan Council service manager. His message of hope was penned initially for his partner Jill Scully, a district nurse, who shared it with colleagues and on social media.

It has become a fitting tribute to the endeavour and sacrifices made by Our Heroes — The NHS.

Click on the image to open and view the video accompanying the poem. The poem is read by the actor Christopher Eccleston.

If this doesn't encourage you to get out on the streets on Thursday nights, no matter what the weather brings, and clap and cheer for The NHS, then nothing will.

A transcipt of the poem is shown below:

Our Heroes

I'll tell you a tale, that's been recently written,
Of a powerful army, so Great it saved Britain.
They didn't have bombs and they didn't have planes,
They fought with their hearts and they fought with their brains.

They didn't have bullets, armed just with a mask,
We sent them to war, with one simple task.
To show us the way, to lead and inspire us,
To protect us from harm and fight off the virus.

It couldn't be stopped by our bulletproof vests,
An invisible enemy, invaded our chests.
So we called on our weapon, our soldiers in blue,
"All Doctors, All Nurses, Your Country Needs You".

We clapped on our streets, hearts bursting with pride,
As they went off to war, while we stayed inside.
They struggled at first, as they searched for supplies,
But they stared down the virus, in the whites of its eyes.

They leaped from the trenches and didn't think twice,
Some never came back, the ultimate price.
So tired, so weary, yet still they fought on,
As the virus was beaten and the battle was won.

The many of us, owe so much, to so few,
The brave and the bold, our heroes in blue.
So let's line the streets and remember our debt ,
We love you, our heroes, Lest We Forget.

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