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Antionette Sandbach at The Barbour Institute

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MP, Antionette Sandbach, visited Tattenhall yesterday afternoon when she hosted the first in a series of 'Super Surgeries' to be held throughout our constituency. Pioneering this programme of wider accessibility and community engagement throughout Eddisbury and in addition to surgeries held at her Winsford office, Antionette discussed wide ranging issues with many of you.

The following is a summary of some of the points raised:

Speeding continues to be one of the key road safety issues that concerns 'Tattenhallers' and particularly in those areas adjacent to The Park Primary School. It is likely, therefore, that advisory speed limits is an area which requires further investigation by the Parish Council.

Support for the protection and management of The Sandstone Ridge was also raised with our MP who is also keen to stress local significance and the importance of ecological networks.

Many of you expressed your delight and particular thanks to Antionette regarding the relocation of the Post Office counter service back into Pluto House. You might recall that Ruth McPhillips had presented a substantial petition to Antionette back in July 2015; Antionette having emphasised her commitment to Tattenhall in retaining this much loved institution as a key element in the vibrancy of our High Street.

Planning continues to be of concern to all but particularly the determination of developers who repeatedly submit planning applications that might directly contravene our Neighbourhood Plan.

Other issues which were discussed in the 'Super Surgery' related to localism and the possibility of a Cheshire Channel — might we yet see BBC Radio Cheshire in the future?

Importantly too, better broadband and mobile coverage continues to be an ongoing dialogue. Antionette continues to call on network providers to make sure that people in our constituency are better connected and she urged those that attended her 'Super Surgery' to sign up for the Broadband and Monthly Newsletter by contacting her using the following link

(we stress that Tattenhall Online is apolitical — this article is a summary of issues raised with Antionette in Tattenhall's 'Super Surgery')

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