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"Life doesn't go as expected" reflected John Timpson. A statement born through years of business experience and a relationship with the Fine Dining Company created from a simple dish of sausage and mash. It fits the maverick, yet common sense approach of a man who knows how to captivate a room with simple storytelling making bigger, salient points. It was fitting for a day that was all about charity and ''Meeting the best of Cheshire Business'' and their success.
How do you define business success? Is it through turnover? Staff retention? Your corporate responsibility? Is it a bit of everything of the above plus something extra? It could be that, and we had the chance to speak about this at our recent event held close to Tattenhall with some exceptional guest speakers.
With John Timpson (Timpson's), Graham Wilson (Successfactory) and input from Rupert Worden (The Fine Dining Company), we held the event at the Successfactory Venue in Burwardsley with the best of Cheshire businesses to discuss what tangible success could look like.
Raising money for Children Today Charity, it was an occasion to sit, network, discuss and present ideas about business success and how to achieve it. With over 60 guests, three guest speakers and the opportunity to network whilst raise money for a fantastic charity, together we delivered a day that showcased not only what the best of Cheshire business is, but also providing insights and ideas into how to achieve results.
It's not hard to look at events over the last year to see where businesses can do with some sort of guidance. From Brexit to the recent elections in America, corporations look to understand the short term and long term and how these events will impact them. Through networking and being in an environment which promotes cooperation and idea sharing, network events like the one held the other day can make the difference for businesses of all sizes to understand how something simple, or a new way of thinking can make the difference for their own ventures.
"I have two rules for my business; the first, look the part, secondly, put the money in the till." John Timpson is as pragmatic as he is nonconformist. "Too many rules and procedures slow things down" a theme that ran through his talk in very different scenarios for his life in business. Whether it was recruitment to organising business strategy or how customers should be treated, the rules are easy to understand, even easier to follow; simplicity is key.
In his five decades within business there was a lot that John brought to the event in terms of experience, anecdotes and observations that were appreciated by all. From his family life, to business, being that little bit more maverick, a little more brave plays into the ethos at the start of his talk, "life doesn't go as expected."

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