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Litter Picking 'Pics' and 'Observations'

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'Thank You' to those volunteers who turned out this weekend in an attempt to 'Keep Tattenhall Tidy' and to Iain Keeping, one of our Parish Councillors, who joined the 'Big Clean'.

Quoting from the March edition of the Parish News p24 ... 'Everyone has a responsibility to keep their community tidy and litter free and this national initiative provides residents with a great chance to improve the quality of our streets and public spaces whilst improving the environment' ...

The litter picking events, however, were only dealing with the outcomes not the causes.

Below is a summary of some observations made by the varying volunteers and also raised in 'letter from a resident' earlier this week:

1. Take litter home — there was far too much evidence of discarded sweet/crisp/biscuit wrappers.

2. The volume of discarded beer cans/coke cans/beer and wine bottles is worrying — these were found particularly on the pathway which joins Burwardsley Road and Rean Meadow, in the Jubilee Wood, and on the High Street where multiple cans and bottles had been deliberately pushed into hedges.

3. Dog walkers appear to come in three categories: those that remove their dog waste in the proper manner; those that place the waste in 'poo bags' but then simply throw those bags into the nearby environment and, regrettably, those that do nothing. This was a particular problem for the volunteers in Jubilee Wood. Despite this anti-social activity, the volunteers in Jubilee Wood filled 6 sacks with rubbish in just 1.5hrs.

4. Cllr Keeping singled handedly collected an entire sack of rubbish from the football pitch!

5. Accepting that the plastic, colour coded, recycling boxes are quite fragile and that lids are ill-fitting, please ensure that you secure your personal rubbish — some individuals already place a brick on top of their recyling boxes to ensure that rubbish is secure.

The strapline at the top of our Home Page states 'The beautiful village of Tattenhall'.

Please 'Keep Tattenhall Tidy'.

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