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Letter from a Resident: 'Thank You for the Litter Picking Events'

1st March 2016 @ 6:06am – by Barbara Hocke
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With the 'Clean for the Queen' litter picking events scheduled for Friday (WI) and Saturday (TWiG), we have received this letter from a resident and some additional photographs of this increasing problem in our village .....

Hello Webteam, Andrew (TWiG) and Ruth(WI)
I want to add a personal experience about litter picking, if I may. A couple of weeks ago I went on one of my frequent walks intent to collect some rubbish along the way. I only aimed for tins/metal as I wanted to do the best possible regarding recycling as well. Trying to be consistent. Although I am very aware of the problem anyway, by collecting I realised that it is a much larger problem than I previously thought.

Between the Tattenhall sign on Burwardsley Road to Dark Lane and only picking on the wider verge on the right, I got around 40 cans. And I didn't take all. Before reaching Dark Lane my bag (one of those charity bags you get if you want them or not which I used to avoid even more waste) got rather heavy and I still had a way to go.

I didn't count the cans because they were filthy and partly shredded by presumably farming machinery but please see attached images.

Most of my findings were beer and ciders cans, so on that stretch probably more a problem of anti-social behaviour than of wind distribution due to ill-fitting lids on recycling boxes or other causes.The experience was, other than the actual litter bag, a mixed one: it is satisfying to clean up but frustrating to see the scale and not much one seems to be able to do to stop it.

I know of many people in the village who feel the same about litter and am very pleased that the WI and TWiG and surely many more are starting to deal with it.

I hope there will be more litter picking events and awareness raising in the future and will join in whenever possible.
Regards, Barbara Hocke

A reminder to all ....
WI – Friday 4 March at 10.00am.
* Everyone to meet outside Alpha House/The Rectory.
* Litter picking will take place between Alpha House and the Surgery on Chester Road (including the path down to The Spinney).

TWiG – Saturday 5 March at 10.00am.
* Everyone to meet behind the Flacca at the interpretation panel in Jubilee Wood.
* Litter picking will take place in Jubilee Wood.

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