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'The Four Graces' Tattenhall Road

31st July 2016 @ 6:06am – by Barrie Morris
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Known to some residents as 'The Four Graces', the cluster of four mature Turkey Oaks (Quercus cerris) opposite 'Lion House' on Tattenhall Road, were reduced to 'Three Graces' in 2013. In that instance, one diseased tree required felling because of the fungus known as 'Ganoderma'. Residents may recall just how spongy the internal structure of that tree had become which resulted in a complete failure of the tree to support itself.

Today, pedestrians using the footpath near to these remaining mighty oaks will have become aware of the appearance of a large fungal growth at their base.

A layman's identification names the fungus as 'weeping conk' (Inonotus dryadeus)

Regrettably, Inonotus dryadeus is a death sentence for these gracious plants. Gradually the trees lose their vigour, branches hang lower and limbs die. Already, quite large branches can be seen hanging rather menacingly over the adjacent footpath. Before too long we may well be reduced to the enjoyment of but ''Two Graces''.

Sadly there is evidence of fungal growth at the base of other oaks along The Park edge.

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