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Feb. Parish Council Update

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As usual, the Parish Council Meeting began with the 'Open Forum' in which any member of the public can make comment. A number of issues were raised:

  • Speeding of HGV Lorries on the A41 at night (though there had been speed cameras in place during the early evening). During the full Agenda, Cllr Weaver stated that she would raise this issue, together with other issues i.e. Operation Shield, Highways, Footways etc with PC Gigg. She also advised that the traditional visual structural maintenance rolling programme regarding problems on our highways/footways has now been revised. Cllr Weaver will update in due course.
  • Persistent flooding on the Chester Road. The Flood Alleviation Officer has been informed but no progress can be made in this area until the flooding has subsided.
  • Matthew Morris, Bolesworth Estate Manager, reported on some local issues. There is concern that with the winter weather, some car-shaped holes have appeared in varying hedges (where cars have presumably come off the road) and which require farmers gapping up their hedges. He requested that everyone be watchful and report any incident. He also raised the car parking issue at Barbour Square, evidence of the success of the Estate in letting available space. That said, there will be the introduction of some white lines to encourage appropriate parking, some yellow restriction areas, and the possible movement of the bollards on Barbour Square to free up a little more space. He clarified that it was always a planning condition that no through route be allowed on this site. The situation will continue to be monitored.
  • A member of the public was concerned that the Community Land Trust proposals would negatively impact along the entire boundary fence of his property in Keysbrook. He was advised that the usual processes regarding planning would take place before submission.
  • A further member of the public alerted the PC to the potential of a serious accident because of an exposed drainage drop — the PC will investigate.
  • The lack of open public space was raised and the possibility of opening up Glebe Meadow. The Chair emphasised that the loss of 2 hectares of open space with the erection of the school fence means that the Parish has insufficient open space but that Glebe Meadow was an area of significance in the village and is cited in the Neighbourhood Plan as an area of nature conservation value. He also stated that there has been absolutely no information from the school regarding out-of-hours usage of the fenced area for local residents. It was added that Glebe Meadow is designated as an area of unimproved grassland and is of specific significance in Cheshire. For information, Tattenhall Online has previously reported on the significance of this site CLICK HERE.
  • The erection of three buildings for free range hens and a mobile home for an agricultural worker was discussed but confirmation of our exact boundary needed to be re-examined because it was felt that this might fall outside of our Parish.

Following the Open Forum, the Agenda was followed.

  • The hedge at the site of the former Catholic Church has now been cut.
  • The Enforcement Officer has witnessed issues regarding the Redrow site at Chestnut Grange and that work repeatedly starts before the designated time and that verges are continually churned up. Matthew Morris agreed to seek clarification from Redrow.
  • On Planning, it was agreed that the PC would make a complaint (as a matter of principle) that inconsistencies have appeared in the planning processes — this relates specifically to the approval of 17/03827/FUL. It was also noted (and this was raised in the Open Forum) that 18/00238/FUL appears to have been withdrawn, accepting this was probably in the short term.
  • Discussion took place on Data Protection.
  • The renewal of the fencing at Glebe Meadow will commence on 5 March.
  • Cllr Black reported that she awaits a response from the school regarding the Recycling Bin to be located on the new Playground — the rationale being that if the children choose it, then they are likely to use it.
  • Updates were given from the Community Land Trust (in principle and having seen the drawings, it was agreed that the PC put in place the application for planning permission for 6 single occupancy dwellings and associate fees up to £1200) and from the Community Pride Group (Tattenhall would not take part in the Best Kept Village since the priority was the Armistice Event in November which would be more fully discussed at the meeting of that Committee on 21 February).
  • It was also stated that a meeting would take place with Redrow next week regarding the Bus Shelter to be erected on Tattenhall Road.