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Dangers of Autumn

30th September 2020 @ 6:06am – by Webteam
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We have all been enjoying this early autumn sun, however the sun is getting lower in the sky, but is still quite strong. But maybe remember those games played with magnifying glasses- setting fire to things, well there have been a number of fires reported in the local press recently caused by just this problem The combination of the low sun shining through windows onto magnifying makeup mirrors. This has caused house fires with curtains etc catching fire.

A house in Tattenhall suffered the same plight, the sun shining through a bedroom window and hitting a magnifying mirror, which was at just the right(or wrong) angle to reflect the powers of the sun onto a scarf, which caught fire, burning the scarf, and starting to burn into the wooden table under the scarf. Fortunately the residents were at home and smelt smoke even before the smoke alarm registered it. They were surprised to find this conflagration in their bedroom, and were very shocked, but felt really lucky that they had been at home. The fire was put out very quickly, but the thought of what could have happened if they had not been at home was horrifying.

So just check where your magnifying mirrors are, and make sure they are not on any window sill or in the room where they would've reflect the light. This was a chance in a million we thought until reading of at least two other such fires in Cheshire!

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