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The Dangers of 5G & WIFI

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wifi dangers

Following attendance at a lecture by a Professor of Digital Engineering, I suddenly realised that my love and my use of my tablet had another dimension that I maybe should pay attention to.

There has been a certain amount of concern about the advent of 5G and what this will mean for our health. There were warnings when smart phones were first introduced not to hold them near your ear to have long phone conversations because of the possibility of brain tumours, but because they are so useful and have become an integral part of everyday life, those warnings may have been forgotten.

We have all become very used to using our smart phones, tablets and computers, and WIFI seems to be available everywhere or almost!

Scientists have researched the dangers of WIFI, not just 5G, and the results are not conclusive. The problem being that the cancers that may be caused by the non ionizing radiation will only show themselves in 20-30 years. Those who maybe most at risk are children, who are now growing up with the all surrounding WIFI. The thinking is that childrens' tissues are more vulnerable to the low level radiation emitted by WIFI.

Although any potential harm from exposure to non ionizing radiation from devices is far from certain, until the science can state that it is safe it may be wise to think about the following.

If you want to limit your exposure, experts identified some simple, although sometimes potentially inconvenient, steps:

  • When using your phone or tablet, consider keeping it away from your head and body
  • Where the signal is weak--when your phone has only one bar, for example--phones may increase their power increasing the risk, try texting or video-calling when possible, using the speaker phone on your device or a wired or Bluetooth headset,
  • Carry your phone in a bag not in your pocket, don't rest your tablet on your body for a long period of time. When you go to bed, store your phone away from where you sleep, switch it to airplane mode, or turn it off entirely.
  • consider using a wired connection positioning your router away from rooms where you spend the most time, and turning it off at night.
  • Think about your childrens' usage of wifi, and have all the above in mind.

France and some states in the USA have banned Wifi in nursery schools, which shows that they credit the science with some validity.

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