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Concern of the Week UPDATE - Fallen Leaves!

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Gosh, we love it when you get involved — community engagement at its best!

Our 'Concern of the Week' feature, certainly captures your imagination, not least yesterday's 'concern' relating to the FALLEN LEAVES which are causing havoc in some parts of our village.

Today, we include just a sample of the Facebook comments — it has rattled you for sure!

BUT action is required and a possible way of attempting to get this resolved before someone suffers a serious injury, is to contact CWaC direct.

We have alerted the Parish Council to this on your behalf.

Over to you 'Tattenhallers' — the more they are notified of this issue, the greater the likelihood that they will resolve it.

So, CLICK HERE and perhaps the Council will take it upon themselves to clear the leaves now that the principal shedding has already taken place.

One reader also wrote the following:
'You do not need to send leaves to communal collection. The fallen leaves, left in a black bin liner for a year or so, are an excellent source of leaf mould for gardeners'. This member of the Webteam wholeheartedly agrees but, having personally filled at least 6 black bin bags and my entire green bin, I am in despair. Interestingly, some Councils actually provide bags just for leaves — not sure I have seen anything relating specifically to this on the CWaC site.

Thank you for contacting us and keep your concerns coming in!

POSTSCRIPT From Parish Council

Just an update on the Concern of the Week. The Clerk to the Parish Council has contacted CWaC with regard to the leaves on the pavements. In the past, the council has conducted a rural sweep about this time of year to clear the leaves. We hope they will do the same this year.

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