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Concern of the Week – Pupil Safety on Chester and Tattenhall Roads

30th March 2017 @ 6:06am – by Webteam
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This week's 'Concern of the Week' relates to the proposed extensions to The Park Primary School and the increasing concerns that have been voiced regarding the safety of the pupils in crossing the Chester and Tattenhall Roads.

The proposed extensions to The Park Primary School and the increased pupil numbers from 210 places to 315 primary age places by September 2018 (an increase of 50% in the numbers of pupils on roll), raises significant questions regarding pupil safety in crossing the Chester and Tattenhall Roads which skirt the school.

The public can make comments on the CWaC portal regarding these issues – to visit the site directly, then CLICK HERE. The 'Application Reference' is 17/00956/FUL.

Initiatives regarding walking to school are to be applauded but, in reality, many children are 'dropped off' – Tattenhall Online has already posted several stories regarding illegal parking immediately adjacent to the school site and on the actual junction of Chester and Tattenhall Roads. Similarly, the School published its own concerns in the October 2016 newsletter ...

"As you know there are single yellow lines and zig-zag lines painted on the road opposite the school on Chester Road. The children are taught about road safety as part of their PSHE curriculum and we do like to encourage independence both in and out of school. Please park a clear distance away from the road markings on Chester Road so that everyone may feel confident that they can cross the road safely."

The school has two roads which skirt its boundary, namely Tattenhall Road and Chester Road. With an increase in cohort sizes, then these roads, in particular, will inevitably suffer increased traffic and parking usage and because the school catchment serves children from outlying villages who are brought to school by car.

Your concerns relate to the lack of speeding restrictions, to the lack of calming measures, to the lack of additional parking and to the lack of designated crossings which will allow pupils to safely cross the roads. The safety of the children should be paramount.

CWaC, of course, can provide information regarding road safety measures on both roads under the 'Freedom of Information Act'. Information prior to CWaC, however, is generally not available as the Council was vested as a new authority in April 2009.

In this respect, CWaC's recorded information, confirms that they have not undertaken any specific road safety report or assessment for either Tattenhall Road or Chester Road.

Similarly, CWaC confirms that no School Crossing Patroller has been on site since at least 2005.

For information, costs can vary greatly in relation to the installation of a Zebra Crossing. Costs reflect the location, the width of the carriageway, the condition of the carriageway, the existing street lighting locations and so on. An approximate estimate for the installation of a Zebra Crossing is generally in the region of £25,000. The general costs of installing traffic lights or a puffin crossing can be in the region of £50,000. Guidance exists, of course, relating to the criteria for the installation of crossings, and pedestrian and vehicle counts (numerical data) would be required to determine that the necessary guidance has been fulfilled.

Previously, Tattenhall Online, raised your concerns as follows:

Lots of you cited the ignorance of a range of individuals:
* who have scant regard for the street furniture and the road signage in and around the school
* who continue to park on the yellow zig-zag lines and ignore other parking restrictions
* who park on the actual junction of Chester and Tattenhall Roads
* who drive very short distances to 'drop off/pick up' their children; regularly parking in restricted areas
* who have very poor parking skills
* who choose to repeatedly ignore the requests regarding parking which are placed in school newsletters

Tattenhall Online remains apolitical and the above is an accurate reflection of available information and parental concerns.

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