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Concern of the Week: Poor Parking

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Regrettably, inconsiderate parking within our village continues to be uppermost in the minds of many of our law-abiding residents!

This was highlighted yesterday when residents were confronted with flood waters, surface water and compacted leaves along Tattenhall Road. The then thoughtless parking by several motorists in the exclusion zones by the bus stop, resulted in a number of challenges for local residents in getting their children both to and from school.

The problem of illegal parking has been raised at the Parish Council (not least at their last meeting on 7 November). Traffic flow, and issues relating to illegal parking are often created by habitual offenders who cause congestion and frustration in several areas of the village. In attendance at that Parish Council Meeting was PC Gigg who reported that since 'advisory notices' had already been issued, then 'enforcement penalty notices would now be issued' as the next step. He urged everyone to be respectful of the law and/or report to him the registration of the offenders. Many motorists continue to flaunt PC Gigg's pronouncements, however, and perhaps the time has come for law-abiding Tattenhall residents to be more pro-active in this respect.

Illegal parking within the exclusion zone, then forces vehicular traffic travelling into the village to mount both the pavement and the verge outside of the houses which are situated immediately before Lion House. The tyre treads of some very large vehicles can clearly be seen on the verges!

This is an inherent danger to all.

Park safely and legally, adhere to the signage, make the positive choice to park in designated areas or car parks within the village or leave the car at home!
Poor parking is an accident waiting to happen — think twice!
Alternatively, make direct contact with PC Gigg as he requested at the PC Meeting on 7 November.

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