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Annual Show Schedule – Sunday 4 September

30th August 2016 @ 6:06am – by Tattenhall Gardening Society
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Published below is the complete schedule for the Tattenhall Annual Show to be held today Sunday 4 September in the Barbour Institute at 2.30pm
* Entries accepted between 9.00-11.30am
* Any queries, please telephone 01829 770516
* Country Market will take place 2.30-4.00pm

1. All Classes are open.
2. Exhibits in sections A, B, C and D must have been grown by the exhibitor or have been cultivated by
the exhibitor for at least the three months prior to the show. Uniformity and the same variety of
specimens score higher in judging.
3. Wherever possible, exhibitors are encouraged to display the name of the variety of fruit, vegetable,
flower or plant being exhibited.
4. Entries in sections E, F, G, H, I and J are to be the exhibitor's own work.
5. If there are three or fewer entries in any class, the judges reserve the right to combine classes.
6. In all classes, if exhibits are considered not up to standard, the granting of an award will be left to the
judge's discretion. At the judge's discretion a prize will be presented to the best exhibit in each
7. In ALL cases the judge's decision will be FINAL.
8. Entry fees: Under 17 : 20p per exhibit
Adult : £1.00 per exhibitor plus 20p per exhibit
9. Prizes: First £1.00 Second 50p Third 30p
Any prize monies not collected by 4.00pm will be deemed to be a donation to Tattenhall Gardening
10. Trophies and cups are to be held for one year and must not be engraved.
11. Entry forms and fees will be accepted between 9.00am and 11.30am on the day of the show at the
Barbour Institute.
12. All exhibits to be staged between 9.00am and 12 noon. At 12 noon the hall will be cleared for
13. Trophies will be presented at 4.00pm.
14. No exhibits may be removed before the presentation of trophies.
15. Exhibitors must provide their own vases, dishes etc.
16. All exhibits are entered at the exhibitor's own risk.

* BARBOUR CLEGG CUP – To exhibitor with highest number of points in show
* BROSTER CUP – To exhibitor with second highest number of points in show

FLOWER TROPHY – Best entry in section A
£15 prize to exhibitor with most points in section A

1 Vase of three roses
2 One specimen rose – please display rose name on a card
3 One multi-headed or multi-stemmed rose
4 One Geranium (Pelargonium) head
5 One Hydrangea head
6 Vase of five Dahlias
7 Three ornamental grass seed heads (one variety)
8 One Sunflower head
9 Vase of mixed garden flowers (may include annuals, perennials or shrubs)
10 Vase of annuals, one variety
11 Vase of mixed foliage, berries and/or seed heads
12 3 stems of any plant / shrub in flower – one variety not already included in the schedule
13 6 Fuchsia flowers (containers will be provided)
14 Vase of Sweet Peas
15 3 Hosta leaves (one variety)
16 5 stems of foliage
17 3 stems of berries, hips or ornamental fruits

BROCKLESBY SALVER – Best entry in section B
£15 prize to exhibitor with most points in section B

18 Five tomatoes
19 Five red cherry tomatoes (inc. "Gardener's Delight")
20 Five cherry tomatoes of any other colour
21 Five runner beans
22 Five French beans
23 Five potatoes – named
24 Three onions – grown from sets (heat treated or otherwise)
25 Three onions – grown from seed
26 Three root vegetables of one variety (tops may be removed)
27 Bunch of five herbs suitable for use in cooking (in water)
28 Heaviest marrow or courgette
29 Three courgettes
30 Three sweet or chilli peppers
31 One cucumber
32 Collection of three different salad items
33 Any other variety of vegetable not already in the schedule
34 5 specimen vegetables (one each of five different varieties)

FRUIT TROPHY- Best entry in section C
Prize for exhibitor with most points in section C

35 Five cooking apples
36 Five eating apples
37 Five pears
38 Five plums or damsons
39 Dish of soft fruit – one variety
40 Any other fruit not already in the schedule (including ornamental fruits)

POT PLANT TROPHY – Best entry in section D
Prize for exhibitor with most points in section D

41 Any plant in bloom in pot up to 5" (12.5 cm)
42 Any plant in bloom in pot over 5" (12.5 cm)
43 Foliage plant
44 One specimen Cactus or succulent
45 A Fuchsia
46 Any exotic flower or flowering plant
47 Orchid in a pot
48 An amusing / peculiar flower, vegetable or fruit
49 Three hen eggs (name breed if known)

COOKERY TROPHY – Best entry in section E
Prize for exhibitor with most points in section E
Guidance Notes for the Cookery Section

1. Use new lids for jams and all preserves.
2. Jars need to be full to the top of mixture to create the seal when the lid is applied.
3. Wax discs are not needed with metal lids.
4. Make sure that there are no air pockets in the jar as the contents will go mouldy more quickly. Remove
with a cocktail stick. This can happen mostly with chutneys.
5. Careful thought given to presentation always gains marks.
6. Stick to the Schedule as you will lose marks if you don't.
7. For the Victoria Sponge, the correct topping is caster sugar.
8. Taste is everything so don't forget to season where required.
9. All preserves should show date made.

50 Jar of jam
51 Jar of any fruit curd
52 Jar of jelly
53 Jar of mature chutney (at least 3 months old)
54 Five jam tarts
55 Loaf of Bread (not from a bought mix and not made in a breadmaker)
56 Victoria Sandwich (filled with raspberry jam and dusted with caster sugar)
57 Four pieces of flap jack

FLORAL TROPHY – Best entry in section F
Prize for exhibitor with most points in section F
Flowers do not have to be home grown

58 "Little Gem" – a miniature arrangement not to exceed 4" (10 cm) in width or height
59 "Rainbow" arrangement not to exceed 24" (60 cm) in width
60 Flowers arranged in a jug
To be judged by public vote during the afternoon
A humorous arrangement to depict an Olympic Sport.
Please display the sport on a card.
Arrangements not to exceed 24" (60 cm) in width.
This is a fun entry with no technical rules – everyone is welcome to have a go.
It is not part of the classes that are judged – the winner is decided by public vote.
No entry fee applies.

CRAFT TROPHY – Best entry in section G
Prize for exhibitor with most points in section G

61 A piece of hand needlecraft (e.g. embroidery, patchwork, cross-stitch, tapestry, quilting)
62 A hand knitted or crocheted item
63 A piece of handmade clothing
64 A piece of jewellery or bead craft
65 A piece of wood or metal craft
66 A craft of your own choice not already in the schedule
67 An upcycled item

MILLENNIUM CUP – Best entry in section H
Prize for exhibitor with most points in section H

Signatures / identification on exhibits must be covered over
Exhibits must not have been entered in a previous Tattenhall Gardening Society Show. All entries,
colour or black and white, print size to be no more than 12" x 10". Prints to be mounted on card; no
frames or glass.

68 Landscape or waterscape
69 Plants, flowers or a garden scene
70 Buildings
71 People – to include children, adults, portraits etc.
72 Animal life – other than people
73 Sporting Action
74 Abstract
75 Wildlife seen in Tattenhall Parish – animals, plants, insects, birds etc.
(No wildlife brought in from outside for Shows etc.) Special prize from TWIG (Tattenhall
Wildlife Group) for best entry in this class
76 General – to include anything else

ART TROPHY – Best entry in section I
Prize for exhibitor with most points in section I
Exhibits must not have been entered in a previous Tattenhall Gardening Society Show. Signatures
on exhibits must be covered over

77 A landscape or waterscape
78 Plants, flowers or a garden scene
79 People (including portraits) any medium
80 Animal life
81 Any other painting/drawing or mixed media
82 Any other art form (e.g. sculpture, pottery etc. but not a painting or drawing)
83 For ages 12 to 16 – Any art form (e.g. sculpture, pottery, painting, drawing, computer
generated art etc.)

JUNIOR TROPHY – To child with highest number of points in section J
Prizes for best entries in section J(a) and J(b)
a) Children aged 7 or under

84 A vegesaurus
85 A garden in a seed tray
86 Something you have made (not from a kit)
87 A photograph of an animal
b) Children aged 8 to 11
88 Something you have made (not from a kit)
89 A plate of 4 decorated cupcakes
90 A drawing or painting of something in the garden (e.g. a plant, a flower, a bench, a slug!)
91 An interesting photograph taken in the village

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