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Just 20 years old and from South Australia, 'Brett Seibert' has joined Tattenhall Cricket Club as their overseas player for 2016.

We hope you enjoy reading this lighthearted profile of our new recruit!

From South Australia he came,
A sprig of wattle in his hand,
To play the odd cricket game,
He travelled to the Motherland.

  • School -- Rosstrevor College
  • Club -- Prospect CC, Adelaide
  • University -- University of Adelaide, Commerce and Accounting
  • Marital Status -- Single
  • Right-handed bat
  • Highest Score -- 105 not out Summer 2015/6
  • Bowling -- Right-handed mediocre medium outswingers
  • Stroke -- Straight drive
  • Fielding position -- slip
  • Sledge -- likes to improvise, retaliates if/when provoked
  • Cricketer -- Adam Gilchrist
  • Party trick -- tbc
  • Music -- Rock
  • Food -- Mexican
  • Drink -- Rum
  • Can he dance? -- No
  • Brexit? -- unfussed & undecided
  • Trivia -- He can't stop watching the water go the other way down the sink
  • 20 years-old --young Brett has already acquitted himself pretty handily in South Australia's premier Grade competition in Adelaide
  • To say Brett has been unimpressed by our unseasonably warm Spring weather, would be an understatement and that, coming from an understated type of fellow, is very understated indeed.

Since arriving, a whole host of new words have entered his (somewhat limited) antipodean lexicon.

  • Duvet -- a hot bed thing
  • Hot Drinks -- for making one's insides and hands feel warmer
  • Warmer -- like colder, effect produced by central heating
  • Central Heating -- warming one's abode by closing, instead of opening the doors
  • Frost -- crispy grass weather that causes some things to head in a warmer, more Northerly direction
  • Weather -- actually refers to climactic conditions that differ from time to time (in the North of England, this may occur within the space of a few minutes)
  • Women -- see Sheilas
  • Barbeque -- ("Barbie" -- see shrimp and other stereotypes) outdoor device used for storage purposes by the English to support other items inside their garages
  • Pint -- a bigger, more manly glass for alcoholic drinks
  • Tube Legs -- a genetic condition found in Tattenhall where a young man's legs are perfectly tapered from thigh to ankle without a hint of muscular definition or any evidence of a knee (see Stuart Sadler, Josh Harding and the wooden-limbed prosthesis pirate from Family Guy)
  • Nets -- obscure ritual performed by men sporting bobblehats and many, many jumpers, huddling for warmth and occasional outbreak of cricket training
  • Attire -- like his predeccessor, Daniel "Liberace" Powerdresser, trousers to reach shoes, white socks for tennis only

    As he's Australian, we like to only work on twelve new words per week!

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