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Is there life after the Olympics? Hard to believe it, but yes, so you may be looking for something to do in those hours recently spent glued to Team GB on the BBC system? Start by reminding the kids about the challenges raised in our earlier articles, such as making a Vegesaurus. But you too can get off your backsides, turn off the television and start to prepare for the Tattenhall Gardening Society's Annual Show on Sunday 4 th September.

The Show itself runs from 2.30 pm to 4.00 pm in the Barbour Institute but entries need to be brought in earlier in the day. Full details of the entry timings and of the whole range of classes you can enter are in the Show Schedule. This hard copy booklet can be obtained from several locations in the village, including but not limited to Pluto House (the real Post Office) and Nettle. It also provides the basic rules that you should follow if you want to increase your chances of being "in the mix". They apply to more than the cooking category!

All categories are judged and up to 3 prizes per category can be awarded (small cash prizes), with the best in section also winning a trophy for the year. (If you one a trophy last year, please make sure you return it before the day.)

So what are the sections? Not all gardening so there is no excuse for thinking that the show is only for gardeners. Far from it. Check out the flower arranging, crafts, photography, art and cookery options as well as reading the small print in the other sections. There are a few classes for things like largest vegetables and best single species flowers but you might find that you can find things in your garden that do not require a ton of manure in March to win you a prize.

Get a schedule as soon as you can, but in the meantime here's a list of the main sections to check out:
A Flowers
B Vegetables
C Fruit
D Pot plants and miscellaneous
E Cookery (for which the schedule includes extra guidance notes)
F Flower arranging
G Crafts
H Photography
I Art
J Children's section (see details in earlier postings)

Just to whet your appetites, the cookery section covers jars of jam, fruit curd, jelly and mature chutney, plus jam tarts, loaf of bread, Victoria Sandwich, and flapjacks. Read the details carefully, to avoid losing points for silly oversights. There is no Show recipe (aka technical challenge in Great British Bakeoff terms) this year so there you can flex your creative wooden spoons and come up with some signature bakes.

And in the flower arranging section, one of the items will be judged by public vote. It's for a humorous arrangement to depict an Olympic sport. So maybe you need to spend these last few days glued to the TV to get some inspiration. Just make sure that you play your part in and attend the Show on the 4th.

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