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Allotment Association Welcomes Al

26th September 2020 @ 6:06am – by Tattenhall Allotment Association
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TAA expand action to prevent Hedgehog Decline

'Pins & Needles', the pair of hedgehogs who were rehomed at the Allotment in July, have got company. If you remember, from the August article, they came from the Wirral Hedgehog Hospital who take in injured hedgehogs and restore them to good health before rehoming. They have prospered in their new environment and are now able to venture out of the orchard into the allotment. The hedgehogs are free to roam around the allotments. They will be starting to fatten up shortly ready for hibernation. It is timely, therefore, to move on to the next stage of the project and introduce another pair.

As can be seen in the photos, 'Al' arrived on Monday. Partner 'Lottie's' arrival is on hold as it is thought she is pregnant having put on a lot of weight in the past two weeks and exhibiting 'nesting' behaviour. Al should have enough food by foraging in the orchard but initially supplementary food is given over a few weeks; allowing him time to settle in his new environment. The supplementary food comprises cat/dog biscuits and tinned food, preferably with jelly, but no fish or milk. Clean water to drink only. Julie Whalley has kindly offered to care for 'Al' while he gets settled in his new home. She is also happy to help anyone else needing advice with caring for hedgehogs. Contact her via the Allotment Association or through the Tattenhall On Line contact board.

The names of the hedgehogs were chosen from the entries to our competition in August.

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