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Advent Appeal St. Albans

26th November 2021 @ 6:06am – by Ruth Morgan
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Village to Village Advent

> We have now covered the shipping costs but still need to fill the drums. We have until December 6th to get them full to the top.

Please drop off items for the drums to the church porch.

Rector, Fr Lameck Mutete has loyally served as the Vicar of Tattenhall since 2004. He is well loved in the village and his kindness, welcome and laughter are known to us all. He was born in the village of Hera near Rusape in Zimbabwe, and it is this village we want to support.
In recent years Zimbabwe has suffered from economic and political difficulties. It has gone from being the "Jewel in the Crown" of African education standards, to a country in crisis. Inflation is running at over 1000% (!) and what was free State provided education, now requires funds to be paid and schools are struggling to source basic equipment such as pens and paper, let alone electronic and IT apparatus as supply chains are in chaos.
Secondly, educating girls is crucial to the long-term prosperity of families. An educated mother will educate her family. Keeping girls attending school regularly is essential. One of the biggest hurdles is "period poverty".
St Alban's Appeal:
Fr Lameck is planning to visit his homeland and family in January and we would like to ship out two drums of items to help the schools there, St David's Primary School and Sanzaguru High School. If we can get them shipped by December 6th then Fr Lameck will be able to oversee the distribution when they arrive. We would like to offer help from one village to another.
We are appealing to the kindness and generosity of Tattenhall to donate appropriate items to fill the drums and help meet the shipping cost
Donations are already coming in and are being left in the church porch- but we need more.- school exercise books, pens, pencils, paper, rulers erasers, sanitary items and new underwear are all needed. donations of money should be given to one of the church wardens.

One village can help another. Please help to make a difference.


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