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Concern of the Week – Dog Fouling

29th January 2019 @ 6:06am – by PC/Homewatch
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Many of you will have received the most recent news from Homewatch regarding the increased incidence of dog fouling in Tattenhall.

For those of you who do not attend our Parish Council Meetings and/or read the subsequent Minutes, it would be fair to acknowledge that the PC, in collaboration with other stakeholders, is committed to reducing the incidence of dog fouling in the village. In this respect, the PC is pledged to a 'Green Dog Walkers Scheme' which has been successful elsewhere. This is a community led initiative to combat dog fouling.

A number of volunteers, armed with bright pink chalk spray, have already undertaken a first survey which has highlighted a serious problem along the permissive path which leads to Jubilee Wood i.e. the path that starts behind the cricket board and runs parallel to the fence at the the end of the cricket pitch and then dips down around the pond and up into Jubilee Wood. For information, this entire area is private land and the footpath is not a public footpath. Gates to access the area remain open but it would seem that once into this area and beyond, dogs are allowed off their leads, and some owners ignore the consequences of their actions. It seems reasonable to presume that if this is not addressed, then gates might be locked in the future which would have a negative impact on many responsible individuals.

The pink chalk spray has already been used in a number of locations within Tattenhall, to not only highlight the scale of the current problem, but to log the exact locations, and to alert residents to the problem. A further survey will be undertaken to monitor any changes to the data obtained. The Parish Council is completely supportive of these actions.

In general, the offenders are few in number BUT it should also be recognised that there are some serious 'hot spots' in the village which have already been identified. Failing to clear up after your dog is not only an offence but it is particularly anti-social and totally unacceptable. In collaboration with the PC, Homewatch has also placed dog waste bags on bins should the need arise. That said, however, all dog walkers are required to carry bags with them regardless.

Failing to clear up dog waste, currently carries a maximum penalty of £1000.

It has also been agreed that the Primary School will launch a poster competition for children to
create posters for the scheme – community engagement at its best.

Most recently, 2 acts of non-compliance have been observed but it is understandable that a witness may not wish to approach and/or confront an offender.

If you see someone who is failing to clear up after their dog, then you can report them in the following ways, ensuring that you have logged as much information as you can regarding time, location, breed of dog and a description of the owner.

CLICK HERE to report dog fouling on the CWaC Website.

Further options are to call the Dog Warden 0300 123 7023 or Environmental Health 0300 123 7038.

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