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Sudoku Classic

Sudoku Classic is the standard form of the puzzle — one number, from 1 to 9, must be entered into each box such that every row, column and 3X3 square contains each number once and only once. There is only one solution for....

Sudoku Rainbow

A more advanced form of the puzzle — as well as the rows, columns and 3X3 squares other sets of nine boxes are filled in with different colours. These extra sets of nine boxes must also obey the same rule, i.e. the numbers 1 to 9 must appear once and....

Sudoku Snake

In this form of the puzzle all the normal rules apply, but in addition there are two 'snakes', one going across from a '1' in the left hand column to a '9' in the right hand column, and one going down from a '1' in the top row to a '9' in the bottom row. Each cell in the snake must be adjacent or diagonal to the preceding one. No cell can be in both....

Mental Challenge

Test your mental arithmetic. Start with the top number and follow the instructions down the page to work out the answer. Enter the answer in the box at the bottom and click check. Every puzzle is unique and the quicker you do it, the cleverer....

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